Womens' Great Seal of the State of California Shirt

Womens' Great Seal of the State of California Shirt

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The Great Seal of the State of California. The foreground figure represents the Greek goddess Athena, having sprung full-grown from the brain of her father Zeus. She represents the political birth of the State of California, which became a full state without ever going through the probation period of being a Territory. At her feet crouches a California Grizzly Bear (the state animal). Below are clusters of grapes, which, with the sheaf of wheat, are emblematic of the agricultural bounty of California.

At left, a miner is engaged at work, with a rocker and bowl at his side, illustrating the mineral riches of the state. Behind him is the San Francisco Bay, upon whose waters are seen ships, typical of commercial greatness, and the snow-clad peaks of the Sierra Nevada make up the background.

Above is the California state motto "Eureka," ("I have found it!" in Ancient Greek), famously attributed to the ancient Greek scholar and scientist Archimedes. He reportedly proclaimed "Eureka! Eureka!" after he had stepped into a bath and noticed that the water level rose, whereupon he suddenly understood that the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged. He then realized that the volume of irregular objects could be measured with precision, a thorny problem that no one before Archimedes had been able to figure out. He is said to have been so eager to share his discovery that he leapt out of his bathtub and ran through the streets of Syracuse naked. SO CALI.

Apart from the classical reference to discovery, "Eureka" also refers to the momentous discovery of gold near Sutter's Mill in 1848 that set off the Gold Rush.

This t-shirt is 100% California-made, and is created using digital sublimation, in which the shirt design is printed in dye onto a transfer sheet, and then the design is pressed into the shirt at a high temperature, bonding the dyes to the fibers of the shirt.

Sublimation creates a nearly permanent, high resolution, full color, all-over print. Because the dyes are infused into the t-shirt fibers, the prints will not crack, fade or peel under normal conditions.

As part of this process, you will see small white creases on the shirt, especially around the armpits. It's normal, and makes every shirt unique.

* Form fitting, designed for female bodies. For a looser fit, size up.
• 100% California-made. Designed in the San Francisco Bay Area, woven, sewn, and printed in Los Angeles.
• 100% polyester construction for bright-long-lasting colors and durability.
• These shirts are specially made for sublimation printing with a soft, comfortable feel and a flattering slim fit.
Womens' Great Seal of the State of California Shirt